PROFESSION: Highway Engineer



KEY QUALIFICATIONS: Over 25 years experience in engineering consultancy in  transport  and infrastructure construction projects, in  15 countries with most of the leading international consultancy companies.

  • Decades of experience Project management
  • Contract administration under FIDIC
  • Construction Supervision and Surveillance
  • Contract documentation, Claim analysis,
  • High competency in Computer based systems


  • Senior Engineer – Design Review  Ein Du Kawkareik Road Project -2016 Myanmar
  • Chief Resident Engineer/ Team Leader-Mekong Delta Urban Upgrading Project-2015, Vietnam
  • Resident Engineer, Hanoi- Hai Phong Expressway Project 2011-2015, Vietnam
  • Team Leader, ADARO Haul Road Project 2011, Indonesia
  • Team Leader, Kabul Urban Roads Improvement Project 2010, Afghanistan
  • Senior Engineer, Nepean Environmental Project 2010, NSW, Australia
  • Senior Consulting Engr, Infrastructure Reconstruction Enabling Project 2009, Indonesia
  • Engineering Specialist, Chittagong Hill Tracts Development Project 2004-2008, Bangladesh
  • Senior Resident Engineer, Roads Improvement Project 2003-2004, Nepal
  • Resident Engineer, ADB Funded Third Road Development Project 2002-2003, Vietnam
  • Resident Engineer, Urban Road Rehabilitation Project, 2001-2002, Sri Lanka
  • Highway Engineer, Southern Transport development Project 2000, Sri Lanka
  • Sr. Highway Engineer, RRMPII , Sylhet Dhaka Road Project 1999, Bangladesh
  • Sr. Resident Engineer, 1998 Flood Damage Rehabilitation Project 1999, Bangladesh
  • Sr. Highway Engineer, Sylhet – Tamabil- Jafflong Road Project 1998, Bangladesh
  • Resident Engineer, ADB funded third Road Rehabilitation Project 1997-1998, Sri Lanka
  • Sr. Pavement Engineer, IBRD funded RRMP II 1994-1996, Bangladesh
  • Resident Engineer, ADB funded Second Road Project 1991-1994, Sri Lanka
  • Resident Engineer, IBRD funded Second Road Project 1986-1991, Sri Lanka

EDUCATION: BE – Civil, University of Sri Lanka, 1980 M.Sc :- Masters Degree (Postgraduate ) in Construction Management, University of Moratuwa, in collaboration with Loughborough University of Technology, UK 1994

PROFESSIONAL MEMBERSHIPS: Member, Institution of Engineers, Australia 2001 Member, Institute of Engineers Sri Lanka, 1980 Member – American Society of Civil Engineers (USA), 1990 Registered Individual Consultant with ADB in CMS # 014485 Registered Member – Australian Civilian Corps (ACC), AusAid, Commonwealth Government of Australia


Sept 2016 – December 2016
Eindu – Kawkareik Road reconstruction Project as a part of EWEC (east West Economic Corridor) in Myanmar
Client: PMU- EWEC, Ministry of Construction Reviewed the Design drawings, Reports and Contract documents and suggested changes to optimize the existing resources, reduce costs and reduce construction time


March 2015- Aug 2016

Mekong Delta Region Urban Upgrading Project – Can Tho, Vietnam
Client: Cantho City Authority and World Bank
The World Bank funded project for upgrading the living conditions of low Income area dwellers by providing, roads, sanitation, water supply and electricity in selected LIAs in the Can Tho municipality. World Bank provided 80 million Dollars Us and the Vietnamese government another 20 million.  Administration of 12 Contractors as The Engineer (FIDIC) and assist the Implementation Authority..

Oct 2011- Jan 2015

RESIDENT ENGINEER – Contract Package Ex 8 of
Project: Hanoi- Hai Phong Expressway Project , Vietnam
Client: Vietnam Infrastructure Development and Investment Finance Investments (VIDIFI)

As the Resident Engineer of the six lane Expressway Construction project was responsible for the Contract management, Technical compliance, Cost control and the progress of the construction works on behalf of the Engineer under FIDIC. The 103 Km long Expressway was divided in to 10 packages and was contracted to ten foreign contractors with an expatriate Resident Engineer in charge of the works in each package. The applicant was in charge of Package No.8. Work included soft soil treatment, Embankment construction, cross drainages, Underpasses, RC Culverts, Two bridges, Asphalt concrete flexible The package total was 106 million $US. The Best Engineers award was given by the Employer for the performance in 2013.

SMEC International, Australia

July 2011 – Sept 2011
Design Manager / Team Leader
ADARO Haul Road Improvement Project, Indonesia
Client: ADARO Mining Group, Indonesia
As the Team Leader on a 73 km long dual carriage Heavy duty road to carry mining produce to barges harbour. The pavement design and construction supervision was done by a team of Engineers and Technicians from Australia and Indonesia following the Australian design standards and AASHTO construction specifications.

May 2010 to July 2011
Team Leader / Highway Specialist
Kabul Urban Roads Improvement Project, Afghanistan
Client: Municipal Council of Kabul, with World Bank
As the Team Leader / Senior Highway Engineer in the capacity of Engineer under FIDIC, Construction Administration of 24 Road contracts to develop 112 kms of urban roads and streets under a grant from the World bank. Four contracts out of 12.4 km was completed as the pilot project with the funds made available.

September 2009 to April 2010
Claims Engineer
Nepean Environmental Project, Sydney, Australia
Client: NSW Water Authority under New South Wales State Government.
As the Contract and Claim Specialist assisted the client in resolving claims and other contractual issues to assist the Engineers Representative, in the construction project in NSW for Nepean River Environmental development Project.

March 2009 to September 2009
Infrastructure Construction Specialist
Infrastructure Reconstruction Enabling Project, Aceh , Indonesia
Client: Bureau of Reconstruction and Rehabilitation (BRR) under World Bank
As the Specialist Construction Engineer was responsible for advising and assisting the Contractors on suitable techniques to manage and complete the ongoing road construction contracts, initiated for the re construction of Tsunami and earthquakes. Duties include: • Assist the Local Resident Engineers in Contract administration • Assist in technical difficulties in revising contract drawings. • Liaise with the clients representative in project requirements.

Sep 2004 to Feb 2009
Engineering Advisor
ADB Funded Chittagong Hill Tracts Rural Development Project in Bangladesh
Client: Ministry of CHT and Local Government Engineering Department (LGED) As the Specialist Engineer on a project involving project management for the construction of approximately 600 kilometers of urban roads and associated infrastructure, including storm water drainage, hard and soft landscaping, Duties include: • Assist the Project officials in preparation of Contract documents, prequalifying contractors and evaluating bids prior to awards. • Assist the Implementing Agency, in setting up and operating Construction Supervision procedures, with regards to Quality, Cost and Time. Train and guide the IA Staff in the three Districts of project operation. • Assist the IA in Construction supervision and Contract Administration of 110 local contractors in the three hill districts. • As the Deputy Team Leader in administration of the Consultancy Team, manage the Project team as required etc.

Dec 2003 to Aug 2004
Team Leader / Chief Resident Engineer
Word Bank Funded Roads Improvement Project in the Kingdom Nepal
Client: Department of Roads of the Royal Government.
Served as the Chief Resident Engineer/ Team Leader in the Road rehabilitation project funded by IBRD in the South East of the Kingdom of Nepal. The project involved reconstruction of 230 kms of inter district roads and 800 kms of rural roads. Managing a team of Supervising personnel including 4 Resident Engineers 12 Assistant Engineers and 20 Technical officers and surveyors for the administration of 12 Contracts.

WilburSmith Assiciates (Current name CDM Smith), USA

September 2002 to June 2003
Resident Engineer
ADB Funded Third Road Rehabilitation and Maintenance Project in Vietnam
Client : Ministry of Communications- Government of Vietnam
As the Resident Engineer was responsible for the rehabilitation and reconstruction works of the 112 km long section of road from Bin De to Ku Mong on the Hanoi – Ho Chi Minh City Main Highway • Carry out pavement investigations to confirm the pavement rehabilitation methods • coordination of activities between contractors • monitoring progress, and submission of weekly reports and advice to the client • monitoring and evaluation of performance of contractors • preparation and submission of monthly reports. • advice to the Client on programming, cost and quality • advice on environmental matters • advice on claims and administration • checking of design of the four major bridges, and any other alternative proposals • production of weekly and monthly reports • control and supervision of technical and field staff

May 2002 to July 2002
Pavement / Material Engineer
Chengdu – Nanchong Expressway Project, Partly funded by ADB in China
220 km long 6 lane expressway with a total estimated cost of 763.6 Million $US Client: Sichuan Cheng-Nan Expressway Limited Corporation As the Pavement Engineer was responsible for: • Review overall pavement design and make recommendations as necessary • Recommend Stone Matrix Asphalt design protocol and assist in the design and construction process. • Determine Superpave test regime and identify suitable test locations • Inspect HMA plants, paving equipment and comment on improvements • Examine HMA constituent production, sources and comment. • Appraise the central laboratory facilities and procedures. • Conduct short training programmes for the supervising and testing personnel

March 2001 to January 2002
Chief Resident Engineer
Urban Infrastructure Development Project (ADB funded), in Negombo Municipal Council area in Sri Lanka
Client: Ministry of Local Government
As the Chief Resident Engineer was responsible for: • Construction Supervision of two road construction Contracts of a total value of 3 million $US. • Management of two infrastructure development contracts . • Administering two Resident Engineers offices with a Engineering staff of twenty. • Guiding and instructing the supervisory staff in the routine inspection and acceptance of contractor’s work • Liaison with the Municipal Authorities and the Government Ministry • Preparing Progress Reports and finance Forecasting for the client

February 2000 to November 2000
Southern Transport Development Project (Sri Lanka)
Client: Roads Development Authority under Ministry of Highways
The Project involved the design and preparation of Contract documents for the construction of a 53 km long section of six lane expressway from Colombo to Matara . Responsible for: • Organise and conduct field Investigations and surveys during the detailed design phase • Assist in preparing technical specifications, conditions of contracts during the contract documentation • Prepare documentation for pre qualification of contractors

August 1999 to December 1999
Chief resident Engineer

Rehabilitation of Dhaka – Sylhet Highway in Bangladesh under Third Road Rehabilitation and Maintenance Project (RRMP- III) funded by World Bank.
Client: Roads and Highways Department.
The Project estimated to cost 300 million $US, involved the upgrading of 170 km of asphalt paved dual lane highway. As the Senior Highway Engineer was responsible for; • Reviewing the Designs, Drawings prepared by the design Consultants several years before. • Advise the Roads and Highways Department on improvements required, with regard to the town by passes, land acquisition and river crossings • Prepare Contract Packages, suitable for International competitive bidding • Pre-qualifying Contractors based on the financing agency requirements • Prepare necessary documentation for bid evaluation. • Assist the Roads Department in awarding contracts, in evaluating tenders and selecting contractors.

ROUGHTON International, UK

February 1999 to July 1999
Team Leader
1998 Flood Damage Restoration Project in Bangladesh funded by ADB
Client: Roads and Highways Department.
The Project involved rehabilitation of 800 kilometers of roads in the North of Bangladesh affected by the 1998 floods by short term and long term maintenance and rehabilitation procedures. As the Senior Resident Engineer was responsible for: • administer a team of professionals including Engineers, Surveyors, economists, and technical officers • Assessment of methods for Pavement reconstruction • Preparation of Road Damage Assessment Reports, Estimates, • Preparation of Specifications and other Contract documents • Bid evaluation and Selecting of Contractors • Contract administration of 18 small Contracts to a total value of 140milion $ US, and reporting to the client • Construction Supervision of emergency repair work and training staff for the supervision of re- construction work

June 1998 to January 1999
Senior Highway Engineer
Sylhet- Tamabil-Jaflong Road Project in Bangladesh Funded by the Kuwaiti Fund for International Development.
Client: Roads and Highways Department.
As the Senior Highway Engineer was responsible for: • Supervision of four international Contractor’s in road construction works, including, earth works, bituminous pavement construction, concrete structural construction • Setting up Office and Contract administration procedures for the functioning of the supervisory agency • Training local staff on Contract administration and management of Engineers office • Liaison with Local Councils and Ministries regarding the scope of work in each contract, • Progress monitoring and Financial forecasting on behalf of the client

SMEC International, Australia

Jan 1997 to May 1998
Resident Engineer
ADB funded Third Road Rehabilitation and Improvement Project in Sri Lanka.
Client: Roads Development Authority under Ministry of Highways.
The 75 million $ US Project involved rehabilitation of eight provincial highways in three districts of Sri Lanka. As the Resident Engineer of the Contract LCB C/5 for Rehabilitation of Peradeniya Gampola Road of 28 km length. Duties comprised supervising the construction to ensure quality of work and safety of operations including material control and measurement, and contract administration including negotiating with contractors on progress, variations, time extensions, claims, other contractual matters and completing final certificates on the three contracts and handing over of the completed road to the client and closing down the consultant’s work on site upon completion of the three contracts. Supporting staff comprised local engineers for design, construction supervision and measurement, technical officers for site supervision, survey staff for the preparation of initial working drawings, and as built-drawings and drawing office staff for the preparation of contract drawings and site sketches.

November 1994 to October 1996
Senior Materials and Pavement Engineer
IBRD funded Second Road Improvement & Maintenance Project-2 in Bangladesh.
Client: Roads and Highways Department.
The Project with a cost of 146 million $US, involved selection and Maintenance of 1500 kilometers of regional and national roads by implementing a Pavement Management System, and re construction of 150 kilometers of national roads. As the Senior Material and Pavement Engineer was responsible for • Setting up of 11 field Laboratories and 5 zonal laboratories for testing and reporting the quality of the Contractors work • Organise and prepare testing procedures to be used by the testing staff in routine field and laboratory testing • Prepare operational manuals for investigations, tests and surveys to be conducted by Consultants staff • Investigation and Surveys of road and sub-grade conditions for determining design parameters for the pavement design of road sections • Design of road pavements using Australian Design Procedures and guide lines • Instructing and guiding contractors in setting up Laboratories and quality assurance systems • Preparing designs, Maintenance programs, Estimates • Assisting Construction Supervision teams in quality assurance measures

DHV Consultants BV, Netherlands

October 1991 to January 1994
Assistant Resident Engineer
Asian Development Bank funded 2nd Road Improvement Project in Sri Lanka
Client: Roads Development Authority under Ministry of Highways
The Project involved rehabilitation of 150 kms of Asphalt paved highways in the central Sri Lanka, costing 47 Million $US. As the Resident Engineer Avissawella Hatton Road Rehabilitation, As the Resident Engineer was responsible for: • Pavement assessment and defining overlay or rehabilitation methods. • Determining improved geometrical alignments to minimize costs and avoid land acquisition • Construction supervision of an International contractor on earth work, pavement construction with asphalt concrete and stone bases, RCC construction of bridges and structures. • Liaison with public utilities for diversion and relocation of their services and checking of monthly measurements for interim payment certificates. Supporting staff comprised local engineers, technical officers, surveyors and drafts persons

Scott Wilson Kirkpatrick &Partners, UK

October 1986- September 1991
Design Engineer  / Assist Resident Engineer
World Bank funded 2nd Road Improvement Project in Sri Lanka
Client: Roads Development Authority under Ministry of Highways.
As the Design  Engineer was responsible for the geometrical and pavement design s of Colombo – Kandy Road involving pavement rehabilitation and Asphalt concrete overlaying, minor bridges and culvert construction. The technical team comprised of two Assistant Engineers and eight technical officers. Instructing contractors, quality assurance, measurements, certification of payments, progress monitoring and other duties as required.
As the Asst Resident Engineer was responsible for the Contract administration of Colombo – Kandy Road involving pavement rehabilitation and Asphalt concrete overlaying, minor bridges and culvert construction. The technical team comprised of two Assistant Engineers and eight technical officers. Instructing contractors, quality assurance, measurements, certification of payments, progress monitoring and other duties as required.


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