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2011- The Iron Lady

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Of all the movies made on the lives of political leaders this movie stands on a very tall pedestal as an astonishily crafted and presented film on the life of the longest served  and only lady prime minister of Britain. Though it drew lots of controversy over depicting the poor stage of her health this fantastic creation deserve few oscars.

The back stabbings, plots that are intrinsic in Politics become magnified due to her sex. As the first and only woman Prime minister of UK she  faced all the challenges in a manner admired even today. Meryl Streep’s best performance ever, won her the Best Actress Oscar award as well as Golden Globe Award for Best actress in the leading role for year 2011.

Meryl Streep gives a quite astonishing impersonation of Margaret Thatcher in this even-handed biopic about Britain’s longest-serving Prime Minister of the 20th Century. Abi Morgan’s well-constructed screenplay takes Thatcher from an eager 20-something in post-war Britain, played by Alexandra Roach, when the grocer’s daughter first entered politics through her controversial career – using plenty of newsreel footage – to her lonely old age in which she’s haunted by her late husband Denis, Jim Broadbent. The interesting thing about Phyllida Lloyd’s film is that Thatcher is neither idolised nor demonised; both her admirers and her opponents should be satisfied by this portrait of a powerful and determined woman.

At the Movies – ABC Margeret and David

“Virtuoso”, “translucent”, and “compelling” were among the words used by US movie critics this week to describe Streep’s turn as Britain’s polarising, and only female, prime minister.

“Is there anything that Meryl Streep can’t do as an actress? One can only marvel at her virtuoso performance as Britain’s Margaret Thatcher,” Rolling Stone reviewer Peter Travers said.

The Iron Lady features Streep playing Baroness Thatcher both as a rising politician and as a confused, elderly woman looking back on her 1979-90 period in office.

It is already on release in Australia but will not be in British cinemas until early in January.

Streep, 64, already has a record 16 Academy Award acting nominations. But she has won the Oscar only twice, for Kramer vs Kramer in 1979 and Sophie’s Choice in 1982.

Time magazine’s Richard Corliss called Streep’s performance “a triumph”; Leah Rozen, writing for, said Streep was “astonishingly accurate in mimicking the look, voice, gait and mannerisms of her real life character.”

New York Magazine’s David Edelstein described the film as “shallow but satisfying, largely because of Meryl Streep and her big fake English teeth and gift for using mimicry as a means of achieving empathy.”

Writing in the New York Times, AO Scott praised the brilliance of Streep’s performance and said the movie was “likely to be the definitive screen treatment of Mrs Thatcher, at least for a while.”

But Scott added: “You are left with the impression of an old woman who can’t quite remember who she used to be and of a movie that is not so sure either.”

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