Billi Elliot is One of the finest movies I saw. Acting, Direction go hand in hand. The story of a young boy in desperate economic and social enviorn emerging to achieve an impossible dream. This movie won a host of awards.

STORY: Billy Elliot (Jamie Bell) is any 11-year-old living with his proud miner father (Gary Lewis) and older brother Tony (Jamie Draven) during the political and social unrest of the 1984 miner’s strike. Times are hard – the men of the house spend their days on the picket lines clashing with the police, while Billy navigates the minefield of adolescence and takes care of his increasingly senile grandmother (Jean Heywood).

Determined to forge his son in his own image, Billy’s father sends him for boxing lessons with pal George (Mike Elliot) at the local village hall. Unfortunately, Billy isn’t interested in expressing himself with his fists, he’s much more taken with the ballet lessons next door, run by jaded Mrs Wilkinson (Julie Walters).

When Billy’s old man learns that his son has forsaken boxing gloves for ballet shoes, he is distraught: dancing is not a manly pursuit, certainly not for a miner’s son. Fearful of what his friends might say, Billy’s father bans him from taking classes and searches for a glimmer of hope in the bottom of his beer glass.

One night, during the long trek home from the pub, Billy’s father happens to witness his boy performing a routine for schoolfriend Michael (Stuart Wells). Moved almost to tears by the boy’s passion, Billy’s father suddenly realises that he has let his preconceptions and macho pride cloud his judgement, and sets about raising the money to send his son to London, where the admissions panel of the Royal Ballet awaits.

Beautifully observed and surprisingly free of mawkish sentiment, Billy Elliot is a heartwarming coming-of-age tale that speaks straight from the heart, juxtaposing Billy’s battle of wills with his prejudiced father, with the community’s struggles against the larger forces of the outside world


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