In UFO terminology the encounter signifies a dealing with a UFO (Unidentified Flying Object). In his book “UFO Experience: A Scientific Study” 1972, J.Allen Hynek . An Encounter of fist kind, is just seeing an UFO. A Close Encounter of Second Kind, is associated physical effects from the UFO, 3-D physical tracings, or remnants, of something not of this world/ dimension. The Encounter of a Third kind is when you not only encounter an UFO, but when you can also see the entities within the UFO. A Close Encounter of the Fourth Kind is when a human is abducted by an UFO or its occupants. Contactees comes under the Fifth Kind, when bilateral contact events are produced through extraterrestrial intelligence.
The Aliens and UFOs were fascinating topics in seventees. My first encounter with a film by Spielberg was with this movie and I loved it. The simplicity and the depth and the technical wizardry was beyond this world. the music score was unforgettable.
The film was nominated for nine Oscars at the 50th Academy Awards, including Direction, Supporting Actress (Melinda Dillon), Visual Effects, Art Direction (Joe Alves, Daniel A. Lomino, Phil Abramson), Original Music Score, Film Editing, and Sound. The film’s only win was for Vilmos Zsigmond’s cinematography, although the Academy honored the film’s sound effects editing with a Special Achievement Award. At the 32nd British Academy Film Awards, Close Encounters won Best Production Design, and was nominated for Best Film, Direction, Screenplay, Actor in a Supporting Role (François Truffaut), Music, Cinematography, Editing, and Sound.


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